Seven Dirty Words Embroidered Wall Art

All the biggest dirty words hand embroidered on 4" hoop. Hang it on your wall for laughs or to offend those you love.

I love George Carlin. If you don't, you're simply not paying attention. Sure, he's dead now so you can't pay attention to him personally. But you can watch his stuff on youtube or wherever. Very funny bit was all the words you can't say on television- or at least at the time. Here is my homage to all my favorite words which coincidentally were the entirety of this list. Odd, right?

This is a 4" hoop so it's big enough to see, but not so large that your grandmother can read it without her glasses. That could be awkward. Unless she's like my grandmother was. Then she'd laugh her ass off. Ooh, ass. Must make a hoop for that one too.

Collections: Humorous Home Goods

Type: Wall Decor

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