Release the Kraken Hand Painted Retro Diner Mug

Type of Mug

Hand painted white diner mug with "Release the Kraken" in black lettering, and tentacle illustration.

Where is the Kraken when you need him? He's always slacking off on the job. I have lost count of the number of times I've yelled, 'release the kraken!' and literally nothing has happened other than an awkward silence. Isn't he supposed to appear and grab the person in front of you and drag them into the sea? That's what studies say. And whatever they say, it's true, right?

-Mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. Ink is heat-set but please do not use abrasives on the drawn surface.

-If you choose the 'Add a name' option, please tell me what name you'd like in the note you can add during purchase.  Name is painted on the side opposite the original illustration (name faces drinker).

-All items are made to order so may vary slightly from photo.

***Also, shipping cost is due to mug weight. These are the old fashioned, heavy duty diner mugs. They hold about 8 oz but weigh over a pound each! If you get tired of drinking coffee you can use this as a light gym weight. :)***

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Type: Mugs

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