Lush Drunk Crochet Hand Embroidered Wine Glass Charm Markers

Hand embroidered 'drunk' and 'lush' in black cotton thread on real wool felt patches. Sewn on handmade crochet burnt orange and light brown wine glass cozies.

I know you think you're taking the high road here. But it's time to start being honest with yourself.

You are looking at items to accompany wine glasses. This means that not only do you drink wine, you buy it presents. You're probably either a drunk or a lush. Or some other funny slang word for someone who imbibes with, shall we say, regularity. And when you're drunk it's hard to tell which glass belongs to which person. Let these wine warmers help out. Granted since you could be described as both a drunk and a lush you might get confused. That's why I used two different colors. Brown and burnt orange- perfect for your next autumn orgy.

You will get the two wine warmers much like the ones in the photos. However they are made to order so please expect some slight variation.

Collections: Humorous Home Goods

Type: Cozies

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