Labyrinth David Bowie / Mug

Type of Mug

Hand painted white diner mug with "I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say & I will be your slave." Who wouldn't take David Bowie, I mean Jareth the Goblin King, up on this offer?

Sure, it's a little creepy.  It's a tad stalkery and maybe a bit, well, domineering.  But if there's anyone who we'd be cool with being a domineering, creepy stalker, it's David Bowie, right?  Or if you're into Twilight, probably Edward Cullen.  Or perhaps Christian Grey? 

Face it ladies.  We're emancipated and free.  But for a guy we adore, we're willing to be a little under his... thumb.

  • Mugs require a 5-7 business day creation period before shipping.  If you need this sooner, please contact us at *before* ordering. 
  • Mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. Ink is heat-set but please do not use abrasives on the painted surface. Mug is approximately 3.75" tall and holds about 8 oz, but weighs over a pound (which is why shipping is so expensive- these are the old fashioned heavy diner mugs).
  • Want to add a name to the mug? Just choose "personalized" and I will paint the requested name on the side of the mug facing the drinker.
  • When choosing orientation, the illustration will face away from the drinker when the handle is in the selected hand. 
  • Note, mug will be made to order so may vary slightly from photo.

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