See You Next Tuesday Hand Painted Funny Coffee Mug

Type of Mug

Turquoise blue and black 'See you next Tuesday' hand painted on classic ceramic white diner mug.

Please do not continue reading if you don't know what 'See you next Tuesday' means... aside from actually seeing someone next Tuesday. You could possibly be offended. So please just click away now. I'll wait. *taps foot* Gone yet? Okay, well if you're staying then don't say I didn't warn you! I warned you! I even waited! You've only yourself to blame.

Great! I'm glad you're still here. That means either you have a sense of humor or you're too stupid to understand my warning and therefore probably can't read anyway and therefore can't get offended. So cunts... yeah, they're everywhere aren't they? Now if you're American you probably think this is just a heinous term used to insult a female. But I can tell you in the UK it's been reclaimed. It can describe men too. Cunt is sort of a catch all for just a horrible moron. it gives me the chills to just think of a cunt. No, not the anatomy. The horrible disgusting excuses for humanity that exist everywhere.

Still confused? Okay, here's a few examples:

Saddam Hussein- cunt!
Piers Morgan- cunt!
Voldemort- cunt!

Has that helped you? I hope so. Let's take back the word! After all we can't let the British have all the fun. We're supposed to be the younger, cooler cousins (I can't even type that with a straight face). Certainly they can't have a swear word that we refuse to use. That's like being the old maid Aunt, not the cool cousin from the U S of fucking A! Aw yeah!

  • Mugs require a 5-7 business day creation period before shipping.  If you need this sooner, please contact us at *before* ordering. 
  • Mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. Ink is heat-set but please do not use abrasives on the painted surface. Mug is approximately 3.75" tall and holds about 8 oz, but weighs over a pound (which is why shipping is so expensive- these are the old fashioned heavy diner mugs).
  • Want to add a name to the mug? Just choose "personalized" and I will paint the requested name on the side of the mug facing the drinker.
  • When choosing orientation, the illustration will face away from the drinker when the handle is in the selected hand. 
  • Note, mug will be made to order so may vary slightly from photo.

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Type: Mugs

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