About us

We started Knotwork in 2009 as an outlet from an absolutely horrendous day job.  Only waterboarding could've brought sweet relief.  Since that was illegal, crochet seemed like a slightly more sensible and lawful option.  

Crochet and embroidery was fun and it was 'not work.'  For the uninitiated, yarn and thread work is just making things out of a bunch of knots.  Hence, the not work of Knotwork was born.

Over the years we've evolved from a humble crappy crochet business, to a humble perhaps still crappy housewares and accessories powerhouse. There's literally nothing too offensive to paint (except that Mein Kaffee mug with the Hitler mustache- still mulling that one over) or too ridiculous to sell (yes, that is a mug with a hairy penis).

If you want to laugh at the gross, mock the inferior, or be bitter about life in general, you've come to the right place. 


Diane- Owner, creator, MOFO CEO

Mark- Support of all kinds, craft shows, penis model

Robbie- Shipping assistance

Annie- Design, support, craft shows