Lady Nerd / Bracelet

Bracelet Metal
Funny hand stamped "lady nerd" on lightweight skinny copper adjustable cuff bracelet. 

Geeks wear jewelry.  And nerds have titles.  There is an entire kingdom of geeky nerds and royal decrees are made.  Hence, Lady Nerd.  She rules with an Iron Man fist, and only punishes when Snape would've also done so.  
Bend the knee for your grace... just first make sure there is an anime body pillow on the ground for comfort.
  • Each skinny cuff bracelet is only 1/8" wide and made of lightweight metal
  • Note, open the bangle as wide as you need to slip over the side of your wrist. Then just leave the bracelet that shape. If you keep bending the bracelet to put on and off, it could eventually break.
  • You will get one bracelet made to order so it may vary slightly from the photos. The handmade to order nature of this item is what makes every single bracelet one of a kind!

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