Bloody Hell / Bracelet

Funny skinny cuff bracelet in lightweight, adjustable, affordable aluminum- hand stamped with "Bloody Hell."

I'm related to many English people. And they say this phrase quite often. Not as much as bollocks, but more than 'What ho good chap'.

I think bloody hell is the funniest though, because they actually think it's quite naughty. That's hilarious! A phrase that's considered swearing which doesn't start with an F and end with a UCK is completely foreign to me. Literally. Foreign. Cause you know, they're from another country or whatever.
  • Bracelet is 1/4" wide and made of lightweight aluminum- a metal that won't tarnish! Yay! And it's especially great if you're buying for a gift as it's far less a nuisance than sterling silver or nickel on sensitive skin. It's adjustable and should bend to fit most.
  • You will get a bracelet made to order so it may vary slightly from the photos. The handmade to order nature of this item is what makes every single bracelet one of a kind!

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