Well Hung / Funny Holiday Ornament


Traditional gold or white glass bulb for your holiday tree with hand painted 'Well Hung' and holly motif.  The perfect gag gift for any man.  

We all want to see your balls this Christmas... on the tree.  We want to see just how well hung you are. 

Be well hung this holiday season.  Or all year round even.  You saucy minx.

Your guy friends or any other men in your life really need you to be careful so you don't gag on their well hung... balls?  I'm stopping now.  This is getting bad.


  • Ornament is GLASS and approximately 2.5" across. It is not one of those plastic ones. Due to the glass and hand painted nature of this ornament, please do be gentle.
  • Note, ornament will be made to order so may vary slightly from photo.

Collections: Humorous Home Goods

Type: Ornaments

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