For Fuck's Sake / Funny Bracelet

Bracelet Metal

Brushed gold tone cuff bracelet in lightweight, adjustable, affordable brass- hand stamped with "For F*ck's Sake"

For fuck's sake is pretty much my personal motto.  I don't know what a motto needs to consist of really.  Typically they seem aspirational or sort of like a statement of intent.  

Mine is more a statement of 'for fuck's sake.'  If I were to add anything to it, I guess it might be, 'you've got to be kidding me' or 'how is this even a thing?'

My headstone will read 'And in her rest, she hopes that the sake of fuck will finally be for something better than this world.'

  • Bracelet is 1/4" wide and made of lightweight brass.  Metal will patina as any brass normally does.  It can be polished or left to patina and still look pretty.
  • Want the bracelet personalized?  Choose 'Add a Name' and I will stamp the requested name on the inside of the bracelet (facing the skin of the wearer).
  • You will get a bracelet made to order so it may vary slightly from the photos. The handmade to order nature of this item is what makes every single bracelet one of a kind!

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