Welcome to My New Site

Welcome to My New Site

Can you believe I've been doing this crap since 2009?  It still feels like I'm flying by the seat of my pants and have no idea what I'm doing.

Every single year I promise this is the year it's going to be completely figured out and completely professional.  And almost ten years later I'm still no closer to that goal. Maybe if you keep changing and growing you never feel that way?  Maybe if I ever felt that way, it's probably the beginning of the end for my business?  Not sure.

Alas, I finally broke down and got a new website.  I started my shop on Etsy ages ago, and soon after opened a standalone site.  But it was never exactly the way I wanted it to be.  It always seemed like a website for a handmade business- not just a business. So I came to Shopify to play with the big dogs.  I intend to bite back if necessary. 

I've attempted to rectify that now as even if I still don't feel grown up and professional, I at least want people to think I do.  I probably shouldn't have revealed the truth but it's too late now, you've already read down to this point and know I'm fake.

I shall close by saying this is a new site.  If you find any weird navigation things, or stumble across pictures of my latest family vacation instead of product photos, please do let me know.  Consider this a genuine invitation to criticize me.  That opportunity doesn't come around often so take me up on it before I change my mind. 

Welcome!  Sit down.  Relax.  Have a cup of tea in your boring cup while you're deciding which awesome non-boring mug to order. :)

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