3 Ways to Turn an Everyday Gift Into a Collectible

3 Ways to Turn an Everyday Gift Into a Collectible

Wouldn't it be great if you knew you were giving a gift that would be cherished? There's nothing worse than going over someone's house and seeing a gift you gave them collecting dust in the closet.

No one intends to be a rude recipient.  We are just so inundated with information, images, and STUFF we are valuing items less and less.  Affordability of so many things that would've been accessible only to the ultra rich in the past, is a great blessing of our modern economy.  This affordability has made us value material items less.

But who wants to be a jerk and not give a gift? You want your loved one to know they're loved on their special occasion! So how to make it memorable?

  1. Buy handmade.  Yes, it seems hokey, especially if the gift is for a man.  Trust me. Go to a local indie market.  The quality of items you find there will indeed be varied. But I guarantee there will be works of better quality than you'll find at any mall.  Buy a handcrafted leather men's wallet- or maybe a small batch shaving soap bar.  Stuff for women goes without saying.  Looking for a women's gift at an indie market is like fishing in a barrel.
  2. Personalize it.  Have their name put on it.  Maybe not on something like that cheesy pen set from 'Things Remembered' in the mall. But something they'd actually enjoy with their name on it. Better yet, a nickname that only someone who knows them as well as you do would use. I guarantee they're not throwing out a mug that has their high school nickname "Floppy" painted on.
  3. Customize it.  This goes beyond personalizing with a nickname.  Way beyond. This is designing it from the ground up.  Sure, the artisan is making the item but you're getting to make it truly one of a kind.  Colors, styles, sizes- often all are available for you to choose.  You build the idea and the artisan brings it to life.  

Knotwork offers personalization on all items and can customize any product line just for your special someone.  Let's build your idea, and make your gift a collectible.



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